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Terms and Condition

1. Not including breakfast

All services rent house available with Rancamaya DOES NOT INCLUDE BREAKFAST at the R Hotel Rancamaya restaurants.

2. Facilities

Renters(home/villa) CANNOT use hotel facilites such as swimming pool, kids club and others.

Guest are welcome to use Rancamaya Club House Facilities (Gym, Club House, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Locker Room).

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Rancamaya Vacation Living

Beautiful Homes, Spectacular Settings, Lasting Memories

There’s no better way to enjoy your stay in Bogor than one of our private vacation rentals. In a vacation home you can truly relax & unwind, and enjoy all Rancamaya Vacation Living has to offer like, fresh air, beautiful view, or fun activities animal feeding (deer, fish & rabbit) and many more that Rancamaya is famous for. We offer a range of properties, from charming American modern to luxurious homes.
Starts From
Rp 2,637,000
6   3   2
Starts From
Rp 2,137,000
4   2   2
Starts From
Rp 4,624,000
8   3   4
Starts From
Rp 15,111,000
15   6   4